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Francine and I had a high compatibility when it came to music. From the first we liked the same songs and artist.

Our “song”, by Nat King Cole, was


Too young to really be in love,
They say that loves a word
A word we’ve only heard
But can’t begin to know
The meaning of
And yet we’re not too young to know
This love will last though years may go
And then some day they may recall
We were not too young at all

We both liked all of Nat King Cole’s songs, a love that lasted all out marriage. I still have a CD of Nat’s songs that we had since CD’s came out. When I first starting dating Francine we often caught the suburban bus to Swift Creek Church and had to walk up the hill to her house. I would try to sing “Walking My Baby back home.”

In the early years Francine loved country music. Later she would profess not to be able to stand, it but I think a lot of that was picking on me. She never abandoned the country songs she liked. But as she would explain it, if she liked it, it was not country music. She saw the legendary Hank Williams at the Macon Auditorium before I knew her. She said he was so drunk he had to be helped to the microphone. But once he was there he sang the set perfectly.

But while she was fond of Hank Williams the same could not be said about Hank Williams Jr. We both went to see Hank Williams Jr. the first time he came to Macon. The show was at the same Macon Auditorium and Hank Jr. sang only his fathers songs. He had a fancy car on display in the lobby although he was only fifteen years old. I remember it was a Cadillac convertible with long horn cattle horns on the front and a lot of silver dollars on the dash. Her falling out with Hank Jr. was in the 1980’s. She was at the airport getting her plane ready for a trip and Hank, Jr. was driven up to his plane. He was drunk and exposed himself and urinated on the tarmac and Francine saw him. It really upset Francine and she was very mad about it. After many years she said she would forgive him but would never listen to him again.



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