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Joe and Katie Ballentine were two more special friends that both Francine and I loved. We met them in the 1960ís and had remained close friends through several phases of our lives. In rare coins, hippie posters, and old postcards we have had a connection. The Ballentineís live in Waycross, GA where they had a shop at three different locations. Joe has always done unusual things. He makes his own wine from their grapes. He used to raise his own beef. At one time he was raising ostriches or emus and was delivering one to Macon. He stopped by our office and brought it in the building, but I think it was house broken.

They have owned a motor home for many years. Once they drove to a postcard show in Richmond, VA. They told the story about they had spend previous night in a Scottish Inn parking lot. Ernest Malcolm told me later that Joe wasnít thinking. They could have stayed in fancy motel parking lot for the same price.

They remain good friends to me and I keep in touch by visits, e-mail or phone. As I said about some other friends, I canít image Francine and my life without them.

Richard and Kathy Moody

For over 40 years we knew Richard Moody in several different hobby businesses. He has been in rare coins, baseball cards and old postcards. Richard and his wife Kathy meant a lot to Francine and myself, sometimes in extra special ways. They even moved into our neighborhood in Shirley Hills from Warner Robbins. For many years, until Francine was unable to go, we had dinner out every Friday night.

We went on a cruise together across the Atlantic. We left Ft. Lauderdale and ended in Barcelona Spain were we spent several days before flying home.

The true test of friendship came in the last three months of Francineís life when she was in Hospice. They, along with Steven Bashenski and Donna Von Fischer-Benzen, visited everyday. It was not a sad time, in fact most of the time in the evenings it was like a celebration. Francine really enjoyed the group and looked forward to their visit.

Like many of our close friends, Katy and Richard are now more like family than friends. We also loved Richards mother who visited them from Texas when she was in her nineties. We all had dinner at our house while she was there. She was a kind, gracious, lady and we wished we could have had more time to know her.



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