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I first meet Frank on my first trip to the Macon Coin Club around 1962. I remember him telling someone else that he had just gone to a big coin show and had decided he liked paper money better that coins. I continued to go to the coin club and bring Francine and the kids. I had the idea that Frank was an expert and had been collecting a long time. I found out later he had gotten interested in coins not to long before Francine and I had. By that time, however, he was a well know authority on paper money.

There was a group of us in the coin club that would go to coin shows together. Conrad McNair, Joe Appling, Frank Howard, and my self was the main ones but sometime there would be somebody else. None of the group had a lot of money or was very frugal, so we would usually get one room. I remember one show where there was 5 of us so we had a rollaway bed put in the room. I got the rollaway bed. We had all gone to sleep when suddenly the rollaway turned over, dumping me on the floor. I screamed and everyone woke up in a panic. It took a few minutes to get the bed back up and everyone to quit laughing.

After a couple of years some on the group would stop going to all the shows, but Frank and I could never get enough. Over the years we went to so many shows together that I stated that I had slept in the same room with Frank more than anybody, except Francine.

Frank was an aircraft engineer at Warner Robbins until he retired. He is also a pilot with a great love for airplanes. One of his hobbies is helping friends rebuild planes and he is very good at it.

Frankís wife, Laverne, was a school teacher until she retired. She and Francine became good friends, both having a boy and a girl near the same ages.

After he retired Frank worked for our rare coin company part time for a couple of years as an expert on paper money.

Then Frank got interested in old postcards. I had tried to get him interested a couple of years back with no luck. He found out that the only views available for many of the old banks was on postcards.

Frank and Laverne have been very close to Francine and myself. I donít think life would have been near as good had we never met.



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