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Anthony developed superior social skills very early. He has ate at great restaurants all his live and has been ordering for himself since he was a child. He is a charming dinner companion and can converse on almost any subject. Being able to understand and to some extend speak Russian adds another dimension to his skills.

Anthony also has a lot of talent as a salesman. His personality combined with not being afraid to talk to people is the main reason. When he was eight or nine he sold raffle tickets for Saint Joseph school. Francine would take him down to Krogerís and let him sell. He told me that most people said no but if you kept asking some would say yes. I told him then that he had discovered the secret of selling.

Anthony attended Montessori School at an early age. Then he attended Saint Joseph from kindergarten through grammar school. He has been in Mount De Sales Academy since. Anthony showed great academic promise early on. He almost always made honor role. But as his interest in girls grew his grades fell. Hopefully he will be like his Aunt Vickie and blossom in college.

Recently he has started to work part time at Bashenski Jewelry Store where he seems to be doing real good. The lady that handles the personal told me that Anthony was the first new employee they had that didnít have to be told how to greet a customer

Letís Party

All of both Francineís and my youth was filled with childhood parties. We both came from the humblest of backgrounds, yet some how we had our full quota of birthday parties, Halloween parties and such, as did our siblings.

The same thing with Michael and Vickie in their youth. Our extended families celebrated Easter with egg hunts, shared Christmas gatherings and such. One of my earliest memories was going to my Great Great Grandfatherís Birthday/Family Reunion. But the parties I want to tell about are the big parties we threw over the years.

They started in 1979 after we bought the building on Third Street. We had put on small office parties in the past but we had so much room in the new building that we decided to throw a big one. Francine organized the food which was all bought already prepared. We had hams and turkeys from the S&S, barbeque from Finchers, and etc. Vickie decorated the building and we had food in about 6 different rooms. We had two bars set up and a tub full of beer. It was quite impressive. We invited everyone we knew, customers, other dealers, friends, family and anyone else we could think of.



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