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Michael did well in school, unlike his sister and did a lot of extra criteria things. He was in Club Scouts and Francine was leader of the troop. He played football in grammar school and was very good. He played both on the offence and the defense. Both Francine and I worried that he would get hurt, break a leg, or some other bad thing would happen but it never did. While I know I didnít spend enough time with Michael when he was growing up I did manage to see all his games.

Michael went to Mercer and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. I think the best thing for Michael and us was his fraternity Phi Delta Theta. Once they tried to break the Gunnies Book of Records playing ping pong or table tennis. It involved the boys playing for a large number of hours. Francine and I were there most of the time trying to give them support. The attempt failed but they gave it a great try. Francine and I made a bond with many of the fraternity brothers that last to this day. Our son-in-law, George Prater was a member though it would be a few years before he even meet Vickie. Two more became much like family. Ed Oliva worked at the rare coin office and he was like another son to Francine and myself. Randy Layman is the godfather of our grandson Anthony and his whole family are like our family. Among the others were John Williams, Mark Froid, Michael Meyer Von Bremen, Robbie Robertson and Chuck Cioppa. They still all get together every year at the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville

Michael has been married three times. The first marriage was to Ronda Rowel, the second to Aleta, and his third and final marriage was to Marie. Michael had to ability to go through the two pervious marriages and hold on to his in-laws. His marriage to Marie was attended by his in-laws from his first marriage and his wife from his second. His brother-in-law Joey Rowel is godfather to Steven Leach our latest grandson.

Anthony Leach

Anthony was born August 13, 1991 at the Medical Center of Middle Georgia. It was a significant date as it also marked the fall of the old Soviet Union. This is noteworthy because his mother Aleta Ackerman Leach is from Moscow and Russia will always play a role in his life because his other grandfather and his great-grandmother lives in Russia. Papa Myron Akkerman and I are the same age, Anthonyís great-grandmother, Baba Faina Akkerman is in her nineties.

Anthony was born in a birthing room, so the process had gone from men not being allowed in the maternity ward to being encouraged to join in.



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