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around looking at the old places that held so many memories for her.

We ate several meals at the Dolphin Reef Restaurant which had another spectacular view of the ocean and the ocean going ships go to and from Savannah Harbor. We ate at the Breakfast Club, a local favorite, and world famous restaurant but not the kind of place you would probably pick unless you had heard about it. We also went to a couple of our favorite restaurants in Savannah including Johnnie Harris’s.

We all drove over the high bridge to South Carolina, went a couple of miles and came back to the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa so that Vickie and William could see it. It is another hotel Francine and I would have stayed at had there been more trips as we both liked it.

We walked on the beach and sat in “our” swing where we has sat many times over the years. It was a very special trip in many ways. We knew it would be our last trip to Savannah together. Yet it was not a sad time. Instead it was like a celebration of our life together.

We ended our visit as usual with a trip to River Sweets for pralines and other goodies. Francine was able to go in and pick out hers which was great as she was very weak. So ended a tradition more than 60 years for Francine and more than 50 years for me.

Laughing Through The Tears

Francine and I always tried to find something to laugh about everyday. This was almost our creed. I contribute much of our ability to cope with life’s problems to this. In the final months of her life, while she was in the hospice, we talked about this need to laugh and every day we made a point in doing so. Even in her most depressed state she could still manage a smile and a chuckle.

We were probably the most compatible in this regard. We both had a good sense of humor and enjoyed the same movies, television shows, plays, having to do with humor.

We both enjoyed the humor in our children and our grandchildren. From Michael’s, “rat’s ass”, to Anthony’s “ I don’t say bastard, I say bustard”. From Vickie’s “ Michael’s hand is on my side of the car seat”, to William’s “I’m sulking in the next room”.

Also we tried to look on the bright side of every situation. If things were real bad, one would say “someday we will look back on this and still cry”. Then we would laugh at that.



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