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He ask us If we would help him push it over the hill and away from the church. We did and I donít remember if the truck started or he pushed it into the woods. I do know he gave us a gallon jug of moonshine, which is what he was carrying. I also remember we hide it under a small wooden bridge over Beaver Run Creek. I never knew what happened to it later.

I also remember Nathan Tidwell and some of his relatives would lay out on the floor of their front porch. There would be a couple of hounds laying with them and they would have their jug near by. I was to see this scene years later on Hee-Haw many times, but this was the real thing.

I had another moonshine adventure in which I actually drank moonshine. This story I have related in another part of this book. When Francine and I were in our twenties we would go dancing s ometimes at the V.F.W. We got to know and would sit with another couple. He always slipped his half pint of moonshine in the club and would drink that while I drank beer.

Marie Gentry Meadows

Marie was the first friend Francine made after she moved to Macon. They meet when Francine went to see her aunt and uncle. They both went to Miller High School for girls. Marie was also the first friend of Francineís that I meet. I think we had gone to where Marie lived on Second Street and she was not home, then we saw her coming down the street. I remember thinking she had the most beautiful long hair I had ever seen.

Francine and Marie stayed close over the years. Twenty five years or so later Marie came to work for our rare coin company and worked there many years.



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