Okefenokee Adventure/Francine's Story
Francine’s Words:

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and he asked if I would like for him to take the canoe back and me take the boat back, but if you know me you know I had to take the canoe back, so he followed in the boat behind me and told me how to paddle. after the wind had turned me around a couple of times, I finally got the hang of it and took it back without any more trouble.

If someone had offered us a thousand dollars to turn that canoe over in those alligator infested waters, we would have turned them down without even hesitating, but now that it is over we would not take a thousand dollars for it happening. I really had a great time. My camera never worked again but that was just a thing, it could be replaced.

We went back to the cabin, showered and dried out, ate lunch then went back down and rented a boat and motor and went back fishing and boat riding for the rest of the day enjoying what has got to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth

I chose to open our story with this chapter for several reasons. It was written by Francine, it took place right before our 49th Wedding Anniversary, and showed our ongoing ability to get in and out of predicaments, as we had done all our life together.

Francine’s Story

In Francine’s Words:

My name is Francine Warnock Leach. I was born Aug 13, 1936 to Erma Bell Mathis Warnock and Eschol Lee Warnock. I was born at home in Tombs County. I weighed 2 1/2 pounds at birth. My daddy said a silver dollar would cover my face and my leg from my knee to my ankle was the length of his thumb from the joint to the end and they did not know I was not normal size as they were both very young and my mom did not have and younger brothers or sisters. Well there must have been a reason God let me live and I hope I have not disappointed him too many times. I know I did during my early years as a young adult, but I always knew that he was with me because I was raised in a Christian home and my faith has always been strong. I have been very blessed in my life, not that I have not had many hardships but I feel they have added to my faith and strength.



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