Okefenokee Adventure Francine’s Words:

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I went under and came up beneath the canoe, pushed it up and got my head out , grabbed my life preserver and held on to the canoe. Jack was a little closer in than I was so we started working our way to the edge where we could stand up. I felt a stump under my foot so I stood up on it. All this time we were keep an eye on our alligator who was keeping a little distance and watching, probably laughing at us.

If you have ever been in the Okefenokee Swamp, you know there is no such a thing as a bank, the trees and bushes has no earth around them so there was no ways we were going to walk out. So taking what footing we could, we proceeded to try to get the canoe afloat. By this time it was entirely under water so we tilted it up and tried to throw as much water out as possible. It was now afloat but still about three fourths full. I started empting it with a plastic container we has fishing tackle in. When it was about one fourth full Jack helped me into the canoe and I started bailing out the rest of the water. In the meanwhile Jack was standing with one of the paddles and keeping a very close eye on our curious friend who was still patiently watching all our activity with what must have been amusement.

Our cooler, other paddle, and life preserver were drifting down the lake. Jack and I were having a real good time by then, and neither one of us had even started to get upset. I was not scared at all and either was Jack. It is amazing how we both stay so calm and worked together so well under pressure. I had most of the water bailed out of the canoe when we saw one of the sightseeing boats coming our way. They came over and started to gather our equipment up, and then was going to try to help Jack get back in the canoe without it tipping over again. But the way the canoe was and with those high sides on the tour boat, it was impossible for Jack to get back in the canoe and or on to the tour boat. A couple in a wide fishing boat came up and he was able to climb in that.

In the meantime we were entertaining the people on the sightseeing boat. They could not believe how we were laughing and joking. Jack told them we were part of the entertainment for the tour groups and we would be performing again tomorrow at the same time. Well that really cracked them up. Our alligator friend, still waiting, unknown by us had been joined by a really big alligator which the tour director pointed out. I was just as happy that I had not know about him. A man on the tour was taking pictures and he emailed us some later.

Jack decided to ride back to the dock with the people in the boat and the park ranger, who had just shown up, followed me back in his boat. He said you could not tow a canoe because they would tip right over. I told him I had never paddled a canoe,



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