Conrad McNair

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I met Conrad when I started going to the Macon Coin Club in 1962. And while Conrad was a character in his on right and deserves top billing. When I first started knowing Conrad he was working for his father at McNair Lubber Company and He had a showcase of old coins at the office. I started going to coin shows and Conrad, Joe Appling, Frank Howard and I was the mainstays of the trips. I met Conrad’s wife Jackie who was both beautiful and also very talented in music. Conrad starting working in real estate not long after I met him. The owner of the company that he was working for decide to retire.

Conrad call me and talked to me about what his options were. He could buy the company that he was working for, he could go to work for another real estate company or he said that he thought that where was a place for a one man real estate company in Macon. He said he would only have a part time secretary and he thought it would work. It didn't work at all, in just a little while he had a full time secretary and then a part time salesperson. Then he bought a building on Riverside Drive and McNair Reality Company was off and running.

I didn't see Conrad that much as he didn't have the time to devote to rare coins. Either business or traveling the world took up most of his time.



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