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depression. Several times he would be chased by revenuers, manage to ditch the car and then call the police and report his car stolen. He went on to become one of the best loved citizens of Vidalia. At both his, and Aunt Grace’s funeral there were a color guard of police, firefighters of Vidalia and sheriff’s department. His son, Alvie Kight, Jr. is the present sheriff of Toombs County and has been for many years.

Uncle Ed Chester told me about one of his cousins that he would visit as a youth. The boy would try to make sexual advances to him when they went to bed. He said he had to stay awake all night to fight him off. I would kid Eddie and ask him why he kept going back to visit. But, I think he went with his mother and was afraid to tell her what was happening. I can’t remember the guys name, but I did see him at Uncle Herman’s before he died. I had gone with Ed and he pointed him out.

My Uncle Charles Chester was a couple of years younger but we did a lot of things together. I owe him an eternal debt for being the reason Francine and I meet. But Charles did not have what I would call a good life. He sort of drifted from pillow to post. It came to light a few years before his death that he was guilty of some serious charges involving his family’s children. He never answered for this and the family involved all attended his funeral. I try to remember him as a youth when we had some good times.

My brother Teddy was both a habitual liar, a petty crook, and con man. He made our mother’s life a living hell and kept her broke until she died. But he was her baby boy, and she believed him, even when she knew he was lying. Teddy was smart and could have made a place in life but he choose not to. There were other, more serious, allegations made about Teddy. I hope they were not true, but know in my heart I know they were. Teddy died a few years ago at age 52.

The Characters

Francine and I both were blessed with knowing some real characters personally, many who were world renown. Some are referred to in other sections of this book but I want to review a few of them now. And when I am talking about characters I am talking about those individuals that are set apart from the general populous by their wit, their mannerisms and their actions. Francine was a true character in almost every connotation of the word.

Lem Griffis

Lem Griffis was a famous character that both Francine and I met. Lem lived on the Sewanee River between Fargo Georgia and the Steven Foster State Park in the



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