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I used to be very angry about the way she was mistreated but have since learned to accept it. I see now that they were her children and she felt she had to whatever they said they needed.

Her home was a source of comfort for her. She loved to tend her garden and flowers. She always had to show me something new she had done when I visited. Also I remember her telling me how well she slept in her bed, in her bedroom, in her house. Mama also enjoyed her other children and grandchildren

At one time I thought I was just like my father and to a certain extend that is true. But I understand now just how much I am my mothers son. My mother was not a highly educated woman, I think she dropped out of school early to help her mother raise the family, but she was a very smart person. I believe now that I am more like mama than daddy when it comes to intelligence.

I think Francine loved mama even more that I did. Although early on mama did not like Francine that much, Francine always loved her. After a few years the feelings were mutual. Francine always went out her way for mama and always made sure she came to all our functions. She was always buying mama clothes and accessories. As a child, I had promised mama that I would take her to New York City. Francine and Vickie fulfilled mama’s lifetime dream by taking her to New York City. She enjoyed the trip immensely and talked about it the rest of her life. Francine was by her side when she died. She had been in the Medical Center in a coma for three weeks. I visited her everyday but Francine was there almost day and night.

Mama is buried in Memorial Park, close to my sisters Audrey and Maureen, my brother John, and Francine.

Skeletons in the Closet

Francine and I are lucky because on both sides of our family we have never had a murderer, rapist or terrorist, to my knowledge. On the other hand we have had at least one of most everything else. I am not telling about then in order to cast blame or to hurt their families feeling. Some of the of the one’s I will be talking about went on to become outstanding citizens. Some skeletons need to stay in the closet so I will not be telling these stories.

Uncle Alvie Kight, so the stories go, made and ran moonshine during the



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