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Another great compatibility Francine and I shared was a love for movies. They always served as our big escape outlet. When I first met Francine she was working at the Capitol Theater as a cashier. I would go there and wait for her to get off work. One movie I remembered watching many times was the Robe. One day Francine and I was leaving the Capitol and she had a small poster of Victor Mature (who was in the Robe). As we down to the bus station we met one of her friends. The friend ask to see the poster and thought it was a picture of me. I was so flattered I can still remember the incident.

The movies were a refuge from our problems when we were young and a source of pleasure when we got older. We would literally rather go to the movies than eat when we first got married. We would get the money for movies by cutting down on our groceries. When the children were young and we could get a babysitter we sometimes would go to as many as three movies, at three different movie theaters, all in the same afternoon on Saturday. We went to the drive-in movies at least once a week.

We saw every genre known and as a rule enjoyed them all. Later in life we became more sophisticated and narrowed our likes down. In our youth we enjoyed both horror, science fiction, western, and war movies. Later we were much more selective about these. We always love comedies, musicals, mysteries, thrillers, romance, and adventure.

The Churches

Churches play such an important part in peopleís lives. Even when one doesnít attend church regularly it still effects their lives. The churches I write about is not the only important ones in our lives but some of the ones that have touched our lives the most. When you travel a lot, like Francine and I did, you visit many churches. We always said we never seen a church we didnít like. We even visited and went into a mosque in Casablanca.

On our first trip to New Mexico we had been traveling through small towns for the first couple of days. Francine remarked that she had not seen a catholic church and wondered why. I explained to her that all the small missions we had been seeing were catholic churches. She was delighted to learn that and a little embarrassed that she didnít already know. After picking on her for a little while, I told her that it was confusing in that, while most catholic churches are not missions, most catholic missions are churches.



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